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Modern Sports Equipment & Activewear

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FIREOX HL 100 Cricket Balls, Hand Stitched, White

QAR 150,00

FIREOX HL 50 Green Cricket Batting Helmet

QAR 160,00

FIREOX MRI Batting Gloves

QAR 20,00
For the modern game

Sports Equipment

Thoughtfully designed with careful attention to the smallest detail and hand made by our master craftsmen

FIREOX Cool Dry Tech Fabric


Designed to help you move faster, stay dry and feel comfortable - while looking great

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FIREOX Actifit T-Shirt, Red, Black

QAR 25,00

FIREOX Activewear Polo T-Shirt, Navy Blue, White

QAR 30,00

FIREOX Activewear Trouser, Silver, Black

QAR 30,00

FIREOX Activewear Polo T-Shirt, White, Blue

QAR 30,00